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The Credit Pros

    • The Credit Pros has been in business for more than 10 years.
    • Provides one-on-one consultations with a Certified FICO® Professional, unlimited dispute letters, debt validation letters to creditors, goodwill letters to creditors and cease and desist letters to collection agencies.
    • 3 credit repair packages to choose from, with the lowest package priced at just $69/month plus a $119 sign-up fee.
    • All packages include 24/7 access to a client portal, as well as ID Cover Darkweb monitoring, TransUnion alerts, real-time account sync, bill reminder and a budgeting system.
    • A streamlined sign-up process only takes 90 seconds.
In Business Since 1989
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Sky Blue Credit

    • Sky Blue has been in business since 1989, which says a lot about the company.
    • Condition-free 90-day refund policy
    • One tier service takes the guesswork out of choosing a package that is right for you.
    • Priced at just $79 per month, and $40/month for additional members, Sky Blue is an extremely affordable option for credit repair.
    • Every single feature is included in the $79/month package, including Pro Analysis, 35-day dispute cycle, customized dispute and re-dispute letters, score assistance, debt validation, goodwill letters, cease and desist letters, credit rebuilding, and access to phone support.
    • Ability to pause the membership for a month if needed
    • Includes a couple’s discount, with the total monthly cost for a couple at just $119/month.
Almost 1.5 Million Credit Issues Removed
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The Credit People

    • The Credit People has been in business for over 15 years and has had nearly 1.5 million credit issues removed for their customers.
    • Provides your credit reports and scores when you begin working with them.
    • Includes access to all 3 credit reports and scores
    • Provides a 24/7 online account access for easy credit management
    • Could help you with credit report issues such as late payments, collections, charge-offs, foreclosure, repossessions, bankruptcies, tax liens, judgements and more.
    • Provides a free credit evaluation so that you can see if The Credit People are a good fit for you.
    • Includes live customer service through phone, chat or email
    • Offers a satisfaction guarantee where you can cancel at any time and not be charged for that month, plus get a refund for the prior month’s payment.
    • Pricing is either $79/month or $419 for 6 months, with all of the features and services included.
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Pyramid Credit Repair

    • Pyramid Credit Repair has 10+ years of experience in fixing credit.
    • Provides 24/7 phone support and dedicated account managers, making it easier to work with them and ask any questions
    • Includes a free credit repair evaluation
    • Individual start at a competitive $79/month, though the couple’s package is $299/month, making it significantly more expensive than what some of the other credit repair companies offer for couples.
    • Includes an online dashboard, monthly progress reports, creditor interventions, score analysis, custom dispute process, text and email alerts and more.
    • Offers a 90-day money back guarantee.
BBB Accredited
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Credit Saint

    • Credit Saint has been in business for 15+ years and is a BBB accredited credit repair company
    • Includes a 90-day money back guarantee
    • Includes a free credit consultation
    • 3 credit repair packages to choose from: Credit Polish, Credit Remodel and Credit Premium, with prices ranging from $79.99/month to $119.99/month, plus an initial work fee.
    • All packages include a score tracker and a score analysis
    • All packages include an online dashboard with full analysis and progress reports.
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    • Has helped with over 7.5 million removals on behalf of their members since 2012.
    • Has sent more than 23 million disputes and challenges on behalf of their members.
    • Provides a free consultation where you learn your credit score, negative item summary and recommended credit solutions
    • Pricing starts at just $49.95, making CreditRepair.com one of the most affordable credit repair options.
    • Works with all 3 credit bureaus.
    • Provides ID Theft Insurance, FICO® score update, bureau challenges and disputes, creditor interventions, a personal online dashboard, score tracker and analysis, email and text alerts and more.
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Lexington Law

    • Includes a free credit report consultation.
    • Has been helping people fix their credit since 2004.
    • Lexington Law has had an astonishing 77 million items removed from their customers’ credit reports.
    • While not all credit repair companies are lawyers, Lexington Law is a law firm.
    • Provides 3 levels of credit repair: Concord Standard, Concord Premier and Premier Plus.
    • According to their website, 77% of their clients who have had their credit scores improved saw an average increase of 40 points.
    • Provides a military and spouse discount.
    • Includes Fraud Alert and Identity Protection

Good credit history is a great way to achieve your desires and must-haves. Regardless of whether it is homeownership, securing a brand new auto lease, or anything else that necessitates strong credit, doing everything in your power to ensure you have excellent credit is essential. There could be numerous life events which can lead to payments not made on time. While these issues a certain to cause a harmful effect on your credit history, there aren’t any reasons why people need to put up with with it indefinitely. There are numerous methods that will help in bettering your bad credit history, and although some can be done without expert help, the best thing to do is to get help from a professional credit repair firm to aid in solving your negative entries. If you are a resident of Marion, VA, credit repair help is just a phone call away.

Can those who are not lawyers engage in credit repair in Marion?

While some law firms in Virginia can do credit repair, there’s requirements for a company providing this service to be a law firm or to employ lawyers for credit repair. While you can theoretically even do this process yourself, it’s advised to get the help of a credit repair company so that it can be conducted as quickly as possible without the need to follow up repeatedly on your own.

Steps needed for credit repair in Marion, VA

This is the way that credit repair is done in Marion in 3 steps:

Step 1: Get your credit report

Every credit bureau keeps their own records. Hence, you have to get 3 separate credit reports to get a clear picture of everything that has an effect on your credit score. Ask for a credit report from every one of major credit bureaus. You’re allowed 1 no-cost report from every bureau every 365 days, but you can also request a report at any time as long as you pay for it if you have already received your free yearly report any time in the last year.

Step 2: Looking at your credit reports

Once you have a copy of your credit reports, it’s time to analyze them meticulously and see if you can find errors on the reports. A high percentage of credit reports have errors, so it’s worth looking closely at yours for anything that could be having a negative impact on your credit. Common mistakes include credit accounts erroneously included in the open accounts section of your report or transactions falsely attributed to you, especially for late or missed payments.

Step 3: Disputing charges on credit reports

If any entries in your credit reports are inaccurate, you’re legally entitled to dispute those charges with the credit bureau to have them removed from your report. This part of the process takes time and usually involves a lot of follow up with the credit bureaus themselves. For each incorrect entry, you need to submit a dispute with each credit bureau that included that entry on their report. They will then have to investigate the information and respond to you, which may lead to some back and forth until the issue is finally settled.

Note: Although credit repair sounds easy, it’s a time-consuming process that can be very draining if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can do it on your own, but in this case, it might drag on even longer and you may not end up with the positive results you hope for at the end of it. Repairing your credit is difficult but very important and a credit repair company that is licensed to repair credit in the state of Virginia is the best way to get it done with minimal hassle.

Laws that effect credit repair in Marion, Virginia

Along with state laws, the federal Credit Repair Organizations Act, known as CROA, also applies to credit repair businesses in Virginia. This is a federal law that includes provisions prohibiting companies offering credit repair to misrepresent themselves in any way, as well as dictating how written contracts should be presented to customers.

What to look for in a good Marion, VA credit repair company

Most people who are dealing with credit problems also don’t have much to invest in services that may not work. Look for a credit repair agency that offers a clear pricing model and one that has been proven to deliver results. They do not have to be located specifically in Marion or even in the state of Virginia, as long as they are licensed to provide credit repair within Virginia. Charging an upfront work fee is a fairly common practice. Also, customer support is critical in any business, including credit repair. Make sure that the company is highly responsive via email and over the phone when you need them. Keep in mind that fixing your credit will take some time, and in most cases, it will be at least 4-6 months before you see real changes in your score.

How your credit score affects your finances

Your credit score has a dramatic effect on your life. It can determine how often you are denied or approved for loans or even housing. When you have poor credit when you are able to secure a loan the interest rates are usually much higher than what is offered to those with healthier scores. Loan approvals may also be slower and require shorter repayment terms in addition to requiring hefty down payments. Aside from securing new lines of credit, poor scores are often a result of mismanaged finances. If you are dealing with late payments and missed payments, your poor score may cause you to get stuck in the vicious cycle of creating more debt just to pay off old debt, none of which helps your score.

Can a credit repair service in Marion, Virginia really help?

There are many ways a credit repair agency that is licensed to provide credit repair services in Virginia can help restore your credit. The first thing they will do is have any marks that should not be there taken off. Negative marks like accounts that should have dropped off, inaccurate entries or mistakes can drag down your score will be targeted as the first to go. This type of service is ideal for people who are suffering from bad credit but are still able to afford their regular monthly bills. It is also a good option for Marion residents who may be planning to make a big purchase such as a new car or a new home. The better the credit score, the more affordable the offered interest rates will be.

Picking a credit repair service in Marion that fits your needs

A lot of projects take no thought or research when you hire a person to complete them. Mowing the lawn or cutting your hair for example requires little to no research. When it comes to Marion credit repair, however, it is important to complete your due diligence before selecting a company to help you rebuild your score. There are many great credit repair and credit counseling companies on the market, but for every 10 great companies, there is bound to be a bad apple thrown in.

A credit repair company will use the same avenues you have available personally to repair your credit. Their advantage is that they likely have infinitely more experience in getting results and they have more time to dedicate towards bringing up your score. This is their main job after all, and most credit repair firms have done this process thousands of times. Anyone that claims they can get rid of accurate negative entries on your report or who offers to create a credit privacy number to give you a new credit identity are scams. Not only do these methods not work, but you will also end up in a worse situation than when you started.

Choose a credit repair agency that is licensed to provide credit repair in Virginia and that offers a clear pricing plan. Most credit repair takes a minimum of 3 months to be effective, but in some cases, it will take 6 months to fully restore and then rebuild your credit.

Consider a free consultation

Bad credit is more common than you may realize. There are plenty of advertisements on TV and online offering credit repair services in Virginia or Marion. Repairing credit takes time, skill, and effort and while it can help many, it does not work in all situations. If you are not sure if your issues can be corrected through a credit repair service, consider getting a free consultation first. There are many reputable credit repair agencies that offer no-obligation consultations for credit repair in Marion. This will let them see what issues you have that need to be corrected and if they are able to help you reach your credit goals.

Should you consider debt consolidation?

Hiring a Virginia or Marion credit repair company will give you access to customized services that will help address your specific needs. For some people, their bad credit is not due to overdue bills, but rather old marks on their credit that are dragging their score down. For others, their problems may be too many open lines of credit that are not getting paid. If you are having trouble making ends meet and your score is suffering as a result, debt consolidation is one option to consider. This will help you reduce your interest charges, make payments on time, and start repairing your credit at the same time.

Plan your expenses while you are repairing your credit

If you are working with a debt counselor, a consolidation arbitrator or a financial advisor in Marion, sit with them to create a budget that reflects your lifestyle, goals, and income barriers. Planning the amount, you have to pay for regular expenses as well as towards your credit card consolidation plan will help you save money as well as put some away for later use, such as retirement.

When you make your budget, leave a little wiggle room so you can still make smaller unexpected purchases so you don’t feel completely restricted. Also, put aside a certain amount of money every month for a night out or fun time with the family. This will allow you to bring a sense of normalcy back to your lives while you get your finances on track through your debt.

Track your progress

Marion, VA credit repair agencies will monitor the changes to your credit as they work with you to rebuild your score. However, it is important to track your progress independently on a regular basis. It is normal for a credit score to change. Paying a bill or being late on a payment will cause changes that will trigger an increase or decrease in your score. With the number of frauds and identity theft cases increasing worldwide, it is also a good idea to check your report for anything that looks suspicious at least once every three months. Maintaining your credit repair schedule and making payments on time will help you track your improvements over time.

Common questions and answers:

  • Is credit repair legal in Marion, VA?

    Credit repair is perfectly legal in Marion, as long as the credit repair company that is performing the service is duly licensed in the state of Virginia. Please note that the company does not have to be physically located in Marion or anywhere in Virginia.

  • How much can you improve your credit score in Marion, Virginia?

    Credit scores rely heavily on payment histories. If there’s any incorrect information in your payment history, it can have a heavily negative impact on your credit score. Getting these incorrect entries removed from your credit report can have a significant positive impact on your credit score by simply allowing your good payment history to shine without the blemish of false missed or late payments.

  • How much does it cost to repair your credit in Marion, VA?

    On average, it costs anywhere between $79 - $199 monthly to get credit repair service in Virginia. Almost all companies will also ask for a one-time setup fee as well as the monthly fee, while few stick with just a monthly fee as long as services are being provided to you. The average fee for most credit repair services is around $119 per month in Marion.

  • How much time does the whole credit repair process take in Marion, VA?

    Credit repair is a lengthy process. On average, it takes 3 – 6 months to complete the whole process in Virginia, from the initial dispute to the eventual resolution. Credit bureaus have 30 days to respond once you submit a dispute, but the process usually won’t conclude after just these 30 days. It often takes much longer to get everything settled and for the entries to be removed from your credit report.

  • Are there any cities in Virginia where you cannot get credit repair?

    Credit repair is possible in every city in Virginia.

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